Eliminate purchase costs

There's no way around it - quality outdoor gear is expensive. Renting can help to greatly reduce the overall cost of your adventures.

Eliminate Maintenance Costs

Maintaining, cleaning, and repairing gear takes a lot of time and money. Failure to properly maintain your gear can lead to it being wrecked, which then leads to the need to purchase even more expensive gear.

Eliminate Storage Requirements

Outdoor gear can take up a lot of space in your home and can often go long stretches without being used. Free up that space in your home by renting only the gear you need, when you need it!

Always Use Up-To-Date Equipment

By renting gear through Gear Shack, you are guaranteed to get modern gear that is in excellent shape. We are constantly updating our inventory to take advantage of new product developments and technology.

Try Before You Buy

As you likely already know, outdoor gear is expensive. You can do research and read reviews, but until you try a piece of gear for real, it's hard to say if you've made the right choice. Renting items to try gives you a cost-effective opportunity to try different products before you take the plunge and purchase them yourself. Additionally - all of our rental gear is available for purchase (often at a significant savings vs MSRP prices).

If you want to try a product that we don't have listed in our inventory, shoot us a message. We may be able to get the product added to our rental gear inventory.

Opportunity to try Premium Gear

By renting gear through Gear Shack, you can often use gear that you normally wouldn't have the opportunity to because of high purchase costs.

Avoid Purchasing Specialized Gear

If you're planning an adventure that requires specialized gear, it often makes financial sense to rent that gear instead of purchasing. Let Gear Shack do the purchasing, maintaining, and cleaning of gear and spend more time focusing on your adventure!

Environmental Responsibility

Purchasing outdoor gear that isn't used regularly is wasteful. Renting the gear you need when you need it allows that gear purchase to be 'spread out' between more users.