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Orders over $100 receive free shipping (Continental U.S. Only)


Return shipping to Gear Shack is always free.


Timing & Logistics

Your gear will always be shipped to arrive at least one day prior to the start of your adventure, or your rental is free (orders must be placed 10+ days in advance for the guarantee to apply). 

Gear can be shipped directly to your residence, or wherever else you'd like (ex. an Airbnb, UPS Store or a hotel).  If you are having gear shipped to a hotel, it is a good idea to check with them first to ensure they can receive and hold your shipment.  If they have any special instructions for your shipment, be sure to let us know as soon as possible.

Transit Time

You are never charged for the transit time on Gear Shack rentals.  For example, if you select a 3-day rental and your rental period starts on a Friday, your gear will be shipped to arrive on Thursday (or earlier).  Your rental period runs Friday-Saturday-Sunday and gear needs to be shipped back to Gear Shack on Monday.

Return Shipping

Your gear will be shipped with a pre-paid and pre-addressed return label.  When you are done with your rental, place your gear back in the original box, attach the return label, and drop off at any UPS location.  If you are going to be away from home, you may want to bring some packing tape with to seal the box back up prior to shipping.

Gear Care

Please do not ship wet gear back to Gear Shack!  Wet=Mildew, which can lead to gear either being ruined, or require a lot of cleaning by our crew.  Either way, Gear Shack does reserve the right to charge you cleaning fees if gear is returned wet.  

We understand that gear is going to get a little dirty during use, and we don't expect it to be pristine when it arrives back at our shop.  Please just shake out any big dirt chunks, leaves, twigs, etc. prior to shipping. 

We also understand the difference between normal wear and tear and damage from misuse or neglect.  We don't charge you anything for normal wear and tear.  However, if gear is damaged due to misuse or neglect, you may be responsible for the cost to repair or replace the item.  Basically, we're just asking you to treat the gear with respect so that future renters can enjoy it as well!  

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