The classic and trusty Vexilar


Includes soft pack case, battery, and battery charger.


MSRP:  $369.99


From Vexilar:

This unit is a step-up from the Classic FL-8se unit. The FLX-12 still offers a flat-screen design, but now with Vexilar’s exclusive brushless data transfer technology. The new LEDs deliver a 20% brighter and sharper display. This unit has a special low power mode option that allows you to fish in extremely shallow water with great target resolution. Five depth ranges to 120 feet. It offers a unique night mode option so the display is easier to view at night and also lights up the center depth graphics. There are 20 steps of Interference rejection (IR) to help knock-out interference from other sonar systems. If your battery is running low, the display gives a coded series of flashes long before the unit shuts down.

Vexilar FLX-12 Genz Pack